• Do you have specific funding cycles and deadlines at Vegan Grants?

    You are welcome to submit your grant applications to us at any point throughout the year. This approach enables us to offer support when it is most crucial for you. Although we do not adhere to a specific grant cycle, we encourage you to consider requesting funding for an entire year if possible. Applying for an entire year allows you to share with us your objectives, strategies, goals, and of course, budgetary requirements, thereby helping us to see the full picture of your plans for animals. 

  • What is a matching grant?

    Matching grants serve as a powerful tool to enhance the impact of your donations since each dollar contributed by a donor effectively multiplies in value. This approach not only encourages more people to support your work for animals, but it also helps in diversifying your funding streams. By implementing matching grants, you foster financial resilience and expand your network of supporters all while creating a broader base of financial and community backing for your activism.

  • How will I know the outcome of my grant application?

    Once we have had the opportunity to review your grant application, which usually takes us between four and six weeks, we will reach out to you via email to share the outcome of your application. This email from us will share the outcome of our review, and we often take that opportunity to provide you with other information which you may find helpful in your advocacy. From time to time when reviewing your grant application, we might request additional information or a meeting with you if there is something in your grant application that we would like to clarify. Again, we will always reach out to you.

  • What is the typical size of grants that you offer? 

    Grants can vary widely depending on various factors such as your location, the size of the organization or project, and of course, the potential impact of your work in promoting a vegan lifestyle. We also consider how closely the grant application aligns with our mission and vision. 

  • Are your grants limited to a particular geographic area?

    Our grants are not limited to a particular geographic area. We believe in supporting vegan activism that has the potential to reach a mainstream and/or influential audience, regardless of location. Our mission is to fund projects that promote a compelling vegan diet or menu change message in a cost-effective way, with the ultimate vision of creating a vegan world. We invite individuals and organizations from all around the globe to apply and share their innovative ideas. 

  • Can we apply for multi-year grants?

    We prefer that grant applications are focused on a single year of funding. This approach allows us to review the effectiveness and impact of your work on a regular basis to ensure that our funding continues to align with our mission and vision. 

  • Is it possible to submit applications in languages other than English?

    We ask that all applications be submitted in English as our team is only able to communicate in English. We recognize that this might be challenging for some, and please know that we will always keep that in mind when reading your grant application. We certainly do not need it to be perfectly written. We are much more interested in how you plan to help animals. 

  • In your mission statement you talk about the importance of reaching a mainstream and/or influential audience. Can you please elaborate on that?

    This is certainly top of mind for us when we review grant applications. When we think of mainstream audiences we envision individuals who are not vegan and have limited knowledge about vegan diets (it’s not about vegans talking to vegans!). Engaging the mainstream is crucial because it opens the opportunity to introduce them to the many benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, and inspiring change on a larger scale that creates a ripple effect extending far beyond our immediate community. The more individuals we can influence to adopt a vegan diet, the greater the impact we can have for animals, the environment, and public health.

    Engaging with influential audiences is another effective strategy for promoting vegan diets. These audiences may include celebrities, athletes, politicians, and other public figures who have a significant following and influence over their fans, followers, or constituents. By connecting with these individuals we can leverage their platform and amplify our message to a wider audience. Through open dialogue, sharing personal stories, and providing evidence-based information, we can help influencers understand the ethical, environmental, and health benefits of vegan diets, and motivate them to use their platforms to advocate for change and inspire their followers to make more compassionate choices.

  • In your mission statement, you mention advocating for a vegan diet or menu change. Can you elaborate on what this means?

    Certainly! Our focus is on transforming both individual food choices as well as institutional menu offerings towards a vegan diet. For individual diet change, this might mean teaching people how to cook vegan food, what foods to buy, and why choosing a vegan diet is essential for animals, the planet, and their own health. For institutions this might mean working with restaurants, schools, hospitals, and workplaces to incorporate fully vegan menus, not just as an alternative but as a mainstream choice. For example, you may look to collaborate with a restaurant to revamp its menu to be entirely plant-based, or with a school to shift its cafeteria offerings to vegan meals. It is about normalizing veganism in public spaces and making it accessible and appealing to everyone, not just those who already follow a vegan lifestyle.

  •  I read your mission statement and I would appreciate it if you could please elaborate on what you mean by cost effectiveness.

    In this fast-paced and resource-constrained world we work within, it is crucial for all of us to prioritize cost-effectiveness in our advocacy efforts. Cost-effectiveness allows you to allocate your resources in a way that ensures every dollar invested has the greatest possible impact for animals. Whether it’s organizing educational events, running online campaigns, or supporting grassroots initiatives, adopting a cost-effective approach enables you to amplify your message, engage more individuals, and inspire more people to embrace a compassionate and sustainable plant-based lifestyle. 

  • I’ve received a grant in the past. Can I apply again?

    Previous grant recipients are very welcome to apply again. In fact, we encourage those who have previously received funding from us to continue their important work and submit for ongoing funding, especially for advocacy that is mission-aligned. We are committed to supporting sustained efforts towards creating a Vegan World, and we greatly value the dedication and passion demonstrated by our past recipients and look forward to the possibility of continuing to work together. 

  • Can you please provide some examples of vegan advocacy that individuals might undertake that you would be willing to fund?

    Gladly. Some examples of vegan advocacy that we feel is impactful is leafleting, handing out samples of vegan food, collaborating with local restaurants to encourage the inclusion of vegan options on their menus, vegan film screenings, potluck gatherings, and social events where people can connect, share experiences, and receive ongoing support in their journey towards adopting a vegan diet.

  • Can you please provide some examples of organizational advocacy that you fund?

    Our funding encompasses a wide range of organizational advocacy efforts focused on mainstream and influential audiences to promote veganism. This includes supporting educational programs that underscore the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, culinary initiatives that demonstrate the diversity and appeal of vegan cuisine, and collaborations with restaurants to integrate plant-based options into their menus. Other good examples are events that draw in a non-vegan audience such as vegan food fairs. Additionally, we see great value in vegan educational campaigns aimed at schools and universities, implementing vegan-friendly menus within corporate settings, and partnering with healthcare professionals to highlight the health advantages of adopting a vegan diet. Through these varied initiatives, we aim to advance the understanding and acceptance of veganism across different sectors and communities.

  • Are there forms of advocacy that you do not fund?

    We understand that there are many types of advocacy, and many different views on what may or not be impactful. At Vegan Grants, we focus on advocacy that includes an uncompromising vegan message. 

  • Do you require reporting? 

    Reporting plays a crucial role in fostering the connection between our team and our grantees. It provides you with an opportunity to showcase the significant work you have carried out for animals and how it aligns with our mission and vision. These reports are invaluable to us as they offer insights into the progress and outcomes of your advocacy. Moreover, they are instrumental in guiding our decision-making process for future grants. We deeply appreciate the time and effort you invest in compiling these reports, as they help us understand the impact of your work.