At Vegan Grants, our philanthropic efforts are designed to support a diverse range of vegan activism, both at the grassroots and institutional levels. We are committed to empowering individual activists and organizations alike, focusing on initiatives that drive significant and long-lasting dietary changes. Our support extends to endeavors that promote the adoption of a plant-based diet, not only as a personal choice but also as a global movement.

Our funding initiatives encompass a wide array of activities, from grassroots activism that resonates with local communities to institutional projects aimed at integrating more plant-based options in public spaces such as cafeterias, schools, and hospitals. This dual approach ensures that the message of veganism reaches a broader audience, influencing both individual choices and systemic changes. At Vegan Grants, we recognize the power of diverse activism in advocating for a vegan world and are proud to extend our support to projects across the globe. Through our grants, we aim to foster a global shift towards a plant-based diet, supporting the creation of a healthier, more sustainable, and compassionate world.

If you feel that your work is alligned with our Mission and Vision please click here to share with us more about what you do so that we may consider funding your activism.